Don’t Miss January

By now your 2018 plan should be close to final. Whether you’re leading a large organization, a small business or just your household what you have planned for 2018 should be clearly in focus and ready for execution. Being a financial type and having led the planning effort for many organizations the concern is always, ‘are we going to make January?’ So goes January, goes the quarter and ultimately the year.

There are two things that can be done now to start 2018 off successfully. First, put the work in now! Don’t wait for January to start to begin work on the January plan. If you do, that’s a guaranteed miss. Don’t let the upcoming holidays make you lazy. Sure, relax but remain focused. Identify the resources needed, get them in place and begin the effort necessary to have a successful January 2018.

The second thing to do is tweak the plan. In some organizations which I have been fortunate to be a part of, the plan for January is the same as the forecast for January, meaning you don’t get to tweak the first month of the year since you just finished the plan for the year. But, 2018 hasn’t started so tweak the plan. You’re smarter about expectations for January today than you were two weeks ago. Use what you know now: the good, the bad and the ugly to tweak January. Stretch yourself but be realistic in your expectations.

Best of luck in the upcoming year and by all means, Don’t Miss January!


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