2018 Planning

How far are you along with your planning for 2018? Not your corporate plan, but your personal plan. You do have a personal plan, right?

Each year starting around October I begin to think about my personal plan for the upcoming year. My thought process is if large companies and successful individuals put together an annual plan then I should too.

My annual personal plan centers around F words: Finances, Family, Faith, Fitness and Fun. These categories are broad enough to cover every aspect of my life and probably pretty much every aspect of most lives. What I try to do, every year, is start with these ideas, then narrow them to very specific, targeted events and dates. I write them down, not necessarily neatly, but in sufficient detail so I have a real, measurable plan.

From my corporate experiences in quality management I subscribe to the theory, ‘what gets measured, gets done.’ I measure my progress and accomplishments against my plan as I go along, making the effort to ‘get’er done. I count many of my personal and professional successes to my annual planning exercise, every year.

If you haven’t begun your process of planning for 2018, start now. Think about it, quickly since the end of 2017 is in sight. After giving it some thought, put a plan together for next year. Use whatever categories you like; cover those areas that are important to you. If you want, you can steal: Finance (work, savings), Family (spreading the love, relationship building), Faith (commitment), Fitness (health care, exercise) Fun (vacation). Put a plan together. You will be glad you did

Finish 2017 strong and have an incredible 2018!

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